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West London Plumbing & Heating have experienced Shower Installations teams. We have local Shower installers covering: Twickenham, Richmond, Teddington, Chiswick, Kew, Brentford, Isleworth, Kingston, Barnes, Sheen, Hampton, Ealing, Hammersmith, Holland Park, Acton, Hounslow, Putney, Wandsworth, TW, KT, UB, SW and West London postcodes.

All West London Plumbing and Heating shower installations are carried out in strict accordance with local Water Authority regulations. If you would like a copy of these regulations please contact your local Water Authority.

Before any shower valve installation takes place our shower installer will firstly conduct a brief survey to establish whether your water system is high pressure, low pressure, mains pressure, pumped pressure, unequal pressure or gravity pressure.

Establishing what type of pressure your shower will need to work under is important as not all types of shower valves suit all types of systems.

In some cases your showering performance may be improved with the additional installation of a shower pump. Should this be the case our West London Plumbing and Heating shower installer will be happy to give you further details.

Before the actual shower installation we always advise that isolation valves are fitted if they are not already present. This will aid the flushing of the system and make future servicing easier saving you time and subsequently money.

An West London Plumbing and Heating shower installer will always flush both the hot and cold water supply pipes. This will ensure that there is no debris in the system, before the shower mixing valve is installed.

Before the isolation valves are fitted and pipes flushed, the position for pipework would have been decided. There are usually three inlet positions – top, rear or bottom. The inlet position will be checked initially as not all shower valves have the same.


Purchasing a new shower in West London.

Many people who purchase a shower simply select the highest profile product, regardless of its suitability, because they are unaware of the options available. To make the most informed choice regarding a new shower, an understanding of the different showering options available and which best suits your existing plumbing system.

Plumbing systems vary, but in general hot water for showering is provided either by a stored hot water system or by an instant heater of some description that heats the water on demand.


Electric showers West London.

Electric showers are the easiest showers to install in terms of compatibility with existing water heating systems. They are also more versatile regarding where they can be located.

The water for electric showers comes direct from the mains water supply. It then heats the water as the shower is being used.


Mains pressure showers West London.

These are showers which get their hot water from a combi boiler. The mains water comes into the boiler and is then sent to the heating or hot water taps and shower. The shower is fed from a domestic heating system that sends hot water instantaneously on demand. There is no need for storage tanks and cylinders as the water is heated on demand.

If you have combi boiler system you will need a shower that mixes the hot and cold water to a safe showering temperature. These mixer showers tend to have a higher flow rate than electric showers and do not require any electrical wiring.


Gravity fed mixer showers West London.

This type of shower gets its hot water from a hot water cylinder which stores the preheated hot water. The quality of the showering experience often depends on the capacity of how much hot water is stored.

For once the hot water has been used only cold water is available, until the cylinder receives more hot water, which depending on the system could be minutes or hours. Another factor is the quality of the shower rose which will affect the waters flow rate.


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Purchasing a new shower in West London. Mains pressure showers West London. Electric showers West London. Gravity fed mixer showers West London.


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So impressed with the team, they were efficient, kind and completed the job exceeding expectations! A special mention to Oliver Robinson your superb boiler engineer, he was so patient, helpful and really went the extra mile. Excellent Service, 5 stars!

Jessica P

Highly Recommended. Easy service no hidden fees. West London Plumbing and Heating cannot do enough for you. The Gas engineer was excellent. very happy with the service provided. the boiler we had is a Viessmann (wich best buy) at a great price and works superb!!

Peter Ivy

West London Plumbing and Heating has been very professional and efficient every step of the way. We will definitely recommend them to anyone who requires any similar services and continue to use them in our annual servicing any other heating related matters.

Pauline M

Boiler Servicing West London

Boiler Maintenance can be a regular service or that one off repair.
A regular service of your boiler will ensure that it remains
safe and runs efficiently and correctly.

We think at West London Plumbing Heating & Drainage its best book your boiler service in the summer months, as will be busier with breakdown call-outs in the autumn, when people turn on their heating. This is only a suggestion and we will service boilers all year round.

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